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The new Twool² (spoken <square><tool>)

(The name is a combination of "Two" and "Tool" factor 2)

Means a tool with fourfunctions.

Each side of the Twool² has one function plus the inner wrenches:


  1. The round end. This side is similar to a one Euro coin in thickness and diameter and is made to fit many shopping carts in supermarkets wich has a slot instead of a drawer for the chip.

  2. The square end. This side is similar in formfactor to most car brands seat-belt-locks. (Subaru uses another system). With this end you are able to stop the nervy alarm sound of modern cars if you just want to drive a few meters without programing the bord computer in any way.
    This could be verư useful for Taxidrivers, Postmen or any other activity that makes it necessary to leave the car in short gaps. It works to shut off the alarm sound if a heavy backpack or something else is parked on the passenger seat too.

  3. As a new additional functure version 3 of the Twool² has a wrench added in the middle with sizes of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm!

  4. The very fourth function: the 6mm wrench size is widend up to 6.35 mm (1/4") which allows it to be used with screwdriver bits too.

(!! Attention! Driving a vehicle without locked seat belt is illegal in many countries and can be punished by a fine! We are not liable for any damages)


The Twool² is cut from high quality V2A steel with a water jet and then frosted by hand or stonewashed, thus ensures that the Twool² really fit where it should. The Twool² is guaranteed <made in Germany>!
At longitudinal slot in the center the Twool
² can be attached to a keychain, so both sides can be used.



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